Question: What is Hand Wrought Jewelry?

Answer: Jewelry which is hand wrought is crafted by artisans by hand and not mass produced by today’s modern machinery. Each piece of jewelry is truly one of a kind.


Question: What does Briolette Cut mean?

Answer: Any pear shaped gemstone having its entire surface cut with triangular facets.


Question: What does Cabochon Cut mean?

Answer: Any precious stone of convex hemispherical or oval form, polished but not cut into facets.


Question: What is Vermeil?

Answer: Vermeil is a combination of Sterling Silver and Gold commonly used as a component in jewelry. A typical example is Sterling Silver coated with 18K or 24K Gold. To be considered Vermeil, the gold must be at least 10 karat (42%) and be at least 2.5 micrometers thick.


Question: What does Plique-à-jour mean?

Answer: Plique-à-jour is from the French and literally means, braid that lets in the daylight. It is an enameling technique in which unbacked wirework is filled with transparent enamel, resulting in a stained-glass effect.


Question: What does Cloison mean?

Answer: From the French word meaning to partition, cloisonné is an enamel technique in which colored areas are separated by thin metal bands fixed edgewise to the ground or base metal.